Botanical watercolor painting tutorials

There are my watercolor painting tutorials, which were launched this year. Its' seems like I am a botanical artist. I am not actually. To prove that point I will make my next tutorial completely unexpected.

I will hold on position of leading you through the tutorial and continue fill with new techniques, tips and tricks I already discovered. I like idea of simplicity, so my subject will be very funny and simple to make it approachable for beginners as well and to pay more attention on technique.

Its so hard to keep on making new painting HD tutorial so often. But I do. I can not not to share, as I have so much right now. Especially when you surrounded so talented and friendly viewers as mine.

I am glad my viewers like my floral work and I am over the moon to surprise my followers on my another wonderful subjects!

Full length HD video tutorials available for watching online by follow this link - http://ladywonderbrush.usefedora.com


Backstage ❖ My third watercolor tutorial ❖ Feedback

watercolor painting tutorial "Pop Up!"
Watercolor painting tutorial "Pop Up! Carnations" by Olga Peregood
New nice comments come each day from my viewers on my third watercolor painting tutorial "Pop Up! Carnations" which was launched a few days ago and already I am working on next one!

I have so much to share and I want to pass all I know. It is so incredible to have an appropriate studio, equipment, internet and possibility to paint regularly to make it possible.

Full length HD video available for watching online by follow this link - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/courses/enrolled/pop-up-carnations


Love begins with a little

It is very important for me to share my discoveries that I do in my tutorials. But more important is to paint just for me in my studio.

Spring is lost somewhere this year. The sky covered with clouds. It is hard to believe to calendar it is spring because of snow 3rd day.

This is my today's painting of a branch with buds almost ready to blow. I found this branch on my morning walk and as a child I rapidly grab it into my studio.

Original watercolor "Love Begins With A Little" by Olga Peregood. Fragment
Let's be honest. Magic don't happens. It is steel snowing out my window.

I call this painting "Love Begins With A Little". If you learn to see, love and appreciate little things in life magic will be happened continually.

If you look closely on the end of these little unblown buds they turned red. Spring is already here and turn her little lamps!

Original spring watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment
Painting is my escape.

Who knows if I was born in warm countries I won't be an artist. If there is warm sunny days there aren't all these beautiful roses, hydrangeas, carnations and other paintings and tutorials in my life and on this blog.



My 3 painting tutorial

my third carnations watercolor painting tutorial Pop Up!

I accomplish a bunch of stuff the last time. I feel overwhelmed by techniques, ideas, features and tricks in my favorite medium watercolor. Its good time to spread the world with it through this film.

Basics and little tricks to make your subjects POP UP! from a paper and attract the viewer.

I take a very simple subject for this aim to pay attention to watercolor techniques and possibilities definitely.

Happy painting,

Duration: 30 minutes approx.
Full length HD video available for watching online and for download file on the computer by follow this link - http://ladywonderbrush.usefedora.com/


Backstage ❖ My third watercolor tutorial ❖ The cover

Watercolor painting tutorial "Pop Up! Carnations" by Olga Peregood. The cover
Today was pre-celebration of launching future film with beautiful and an appropriate cover.

I am so excited every day more and more as a date coming.

I am so thankful to my followers I feel like you rush my energy to do what I am doing. I feel like it is such a privilege to play my role in this.



Backstage ❖ Third watercolor tutorial

Work on my new painting tutorial hole day right now. You know it is so many things should come right together in one time.

Can't wait when it will be launched. I am so excited! Magic happen continually while capturing my hand with a brush.

Tutorial is so so easy and magical. Beautiful and real like illusions had happened. Exactly what I aimed to show in my film.


Recharging my batteries after camera day:
A photo posted by Olga Peregood (@ladywonderbrush) on

A photo posted by Olga Peregood (@ladywonderbrush) on

A photo posted by Olga Peregood (@ladywonderbrush) on


Backstage ❖ Third watercolor tutorial

Olga before filming new exiting painting tutorial in watercolor
Getting excited before pushing the Record button

Today I am filming new exiting painting tutorial. This tutorial will be very educational. I want to fill it with juicy content.

Feel tired. It is so much behind the scenes to do, to plan, to organize.

Painting from my new video tutorial is so beautiful. I step around the unfinished painting and can`t wait till tomorrow I can continue working on details.




Work in progress. Watercolors of spring flowers by Olga Peregood
I have a problem with tutorials. Once I start to prepare subjects to paint for tutorial I soon realized I enjoy painting so much so I absolutely loosen in my own world and forgot what for I was starting it for.

I have so wonderful day today in my studio. Birds, animals, and spring flowers laying everywhere on the floor in my studio.

It is almost impossible to concentrate these paintings are just my exercises and experiments for future demonstrations. They are so amazing I loose control and forget about everything just painting for fun and for me.

It is hard side to be an artist.

While preparing for my demonstration I discover so wonderful new effects! Now watercolor became even more unexpected and exiting medium!

It seems ages till I could continue my session tomorrow with fresh eyes.



New ingredient

Work in progress. Spring flowers watercolor by Olga Peregood
Every new color I test, so incredibly enrich my paintings. I exited so much imagining how many new beautiful colors are waiting to be discovered and how enriched will be future paintings.



9 meters of fun

Arches aquarelle roll rough surface 140lb(300 gsm) 3,75x30 ft (1,13x9 mtr) from  here
I found a roll of my favorite watercolor Arches. I will remember the day it arrived.
Till now I have no excuse not to paint like a crazy!



Being brave

Original Dutch rose watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment
I like my painting roses tutorial so much so I imagine like I am a student and like I learn from myself how to paint roses!

I absolutely amazed by red roses appears on my painting. And I was since the beginning. Watercolor is so pleasant in process. Viewer would enjoy finished piece but as an artists we have such a luck to enjoy the in-between stages in process!

Take a look at 1st layer! The glow of colors is breathtaking. You should be brave enough not to afraid to ruin such beauty on next stages!

Original Dutch roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Stages

Painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses"  available by follow this link - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX

P.S. Please stop me to paint in reds!


Out of laws [SOLD]

Original watercolor "Out of laws" by Olga Peregood. SOLD

This style is absolutely unique. There is no way I could recreate such watercolor effects! I like a rosebud.
Original watercolor "Out of laws" by Olga Peregood. Fragment

My husband likes the colors.

The curve trajectory by which drop of color slid down does not obey the laws of physics!

Original watercolor "Out of laws" in progress by Olga Peregood. 
What next?
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