Tips for watercolor painting

tips for watercolor painting
Watercolor exercises by Olga Peregood from Periscope painting demonstration
I'm thrilled about passed watercolor painting demonstration which I hold via Periscope today! Wondering how much fun, stuff, watercolor tips and trick just one session could bring! Tips for watercolor painting were fantastic!

New watercolor paper brand Indigo which I tried for the very first time looks amazing while painting butterflies.

New watercolor Rose of ultramarine by Daniel Smith (you can see a swatch in a top right corner of my photograph) suited for my red bird painting from yesterday's periscope painting session as well as for left butterfly and for my old unfinished layer of lilac.

Here is a list of materials I used in this demonstration:
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  1. Hi Olga,

    I enjoyed your latest periscope and tips! Especially how you reused your lilac wash. And I enjoyed the bird so much! His eye really captured me.
    Autumn is still here with its beautiful dress of colors!
    We are moving into winter soon. I cant wait for the first snowfall so I can paint my local park.
    Wondering if you could show us how to do a city landscape one day? I live in New York, so it is hard to find mountains around when all I see is buildings!

    Thank you for being an amazing teacher!



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